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Thread: The Pinnacle @ Duxton

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    Hi All:

    Yesterday I went to The Pinnacle @ Duxton to shoot some pictures.
    Following is the some of the pictures I shot. I love to hear your comments.

    Good Day


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    Is the rooftop an ideal platform for nite shooting ?
    From the pictures you provided, doesn't seems so to me.

    Anyway, the quality of your pictures are on the entry level standard, there are rooms for improvement.
    however, i like your signature, very discreet.

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    Note for landscape, tends to see slant.

    Can see it's a good place to shoot, but need to pay $5.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haroon Kassim View Post
    I like the theme of this shot, it makes the city skyline resemble more like Hong Kong or New York. It's a very refreshing change. As for my suggestions for improvement:

    1) Looks like the Olympus is over-compensating for the noise though, I'd suggest you turn noise reduction on, also using F14 for night photography is not what I'd recommend. The general philosophy is to use the largest possible aperture, unless you are trying to create a special effect like "running lights".

    2) Also try getting a cheap bubble or spirit level, cos the horizon looks slanted and a bubble measure can help fix that.

    3) Lastly I think you should zoom in a little and place the city skyline two-thirds of the way up, cos there's too much sky and the buildings are a little too small to be viewed properly IMHO.
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    Thank you all for your constructive comments.
    For the last picture, I forgot to change the metering mode to Pattern (shot was taken using spot metering mode). I tried one shot with following settings:

    Aperture: 22
    Shutter Speed: 30s
    ISO: 100
    White Balance: Auto
    Metering Mode: Spot (supposed to be Pattern)

    still the output is not as I expected. Is this because of Spot Metering?


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    22 might not be the best for aperture as the image quality might degrade due to diffraction etc. Maybe you can try 8-11

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    Thank you. I will try.

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    keep on shooting u discover alot of things in time,,,i'm still figuring out alot of things too

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    Thank you garagez.


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