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    Comments are always appreciated.

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    Good shot!

    although the significance of the lonliness was not very apparent in terms of finding a piece of sweet on a brick wall but the implied meaning to the shot is there.. I like the treatment, the composition, the words.. would prefer:

    1) the words to be moved slightly down to the centre of the frame
    2) add a border or frame - classic

    Great one Kelvin!

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    agree with sniperd. =)

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    hm...not really that lonely ..but good shot anyway

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    Thanks for all the comments

    sniperD: Actually I did tot of moving the phrase closer to the center...but i tot it looked weird as it will be quite close to the rusty bolt.

    clive: How to make it more lonely??

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    i think the title "alone" may be more suitable.

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    er..paiseh coz the wall and a candybar put together dont really remind me of or result in the concept of loneliness [coz all the while i was looking at the pic and thinking: "wow great perspective, good exposure, classic composition, etc, he must have put in quite soem effort in making the pic work..but what has it got to do wif loneliness?? ehehe :-) ]so..maybe my brain n psychology suay suay works differently in this case..or maybe what goldmember has suggested: "alone" yeah then i thought about it and hmm i think that should be more towards the mood u r trying to convey..i can feel a certain special mood in the pic, maybe somewhat similar to what u had i mind when u conceived the pic..but then soemhow i cant find a suitabe english word/phrase to label it it happens quite a raee moment, i guess ^_^

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    I see...maybe my england a little too poor hehehe... i tot alone and lonely is only seperated by a thin line but i didnt expect such a great difference it conveys in the meaning..


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