hello. i know it have been quite some time, and some of you might forget the sharing session date, time and venue! so i will repost this. =)


hi guys! ya is me again. i will be arranging this photography session again. this time we will be sharing our own personal pictures!

Do take a lot of photo this season esp Christmas and new year, fireworks , people, emotions, party and lighting. on the day itself bring a thumb drive and some of your photos. dont worry if the photo turns out bad or good. bring around 15 photos. pick and choose your best!

Everyone in the room will be contributing and commenting on others. no one will know whose photos are those. except me la ^^ this is a friendly and interactive session. those who are new to camera and dslr can also come! there are many people like you who have just bought a camera and shoot shoot. we will show u some tips and tricks to make your shots better. you can also mix around with other people who uses the same camera as you!

Venue: Bukit Batok Community Centre conf room lvl 3 #03-09
Time: 10am
Date : 23rd Jan 10
Fees : FREE

please bring the photos in a thumb drive. and dont sabo by putting virus. ^^ if you have any question u can always sms me @ 92275026. i will reply as soon as possible. on that day i will not be able to attend the session as i have training till afternoon. =[ so sad lo.

the in charge of the day will be Mr. Tony and Mr. John.