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Thread: Do Wedding Photographer...

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    most AD and ROM are shot in jpeg high res and batch processed
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    Quote Originally Posted by ed9119 View Post
    most AD and ROM is shot in jpeg high res and batch processed
    oh... meaning WB must be spot on.. But RAW has many advantages like White Balance Alteration and Color Correction however given the thought of having to deal with the sheer volume of images after the wedding certainly puts some off shooting RAW.

    To me for wedding nothing matters more than capturing that moment. I know It's always good (and a sign of experience) to be able to "nail" all of your exposures in the camera. But for newbie like TS, should he be worrying about WB setting to AUTO while shooting on JPEG?

    Experience Pro Wedding Photographers out there -
    IMO, WB should be best set to Manual while shooting on JPEG (belived most skilled and experienced photographers should be doing that)

    Normally for gatecrush and morning session, do your tweak ur WB settings accordingly or set it to AWB on a clear day (indoors)?

    Think most for Night session should fiddle with color temperature or use of Tungsten as the lighting conditions might varies from one place to another...
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    I shot in Raw+Jpeg (Hi) some shots need to make WB adjustment as it is diff from others. But I find that w/o pp my works doesn't looks nice.
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    i take 1-2000 shots... get it right to save time. no more pp!

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