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Thread: Singapore Airshow 2010

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    Quote Originally Posted by pchmj View Post
    300mm after convert to 35mm format?
    300mm x1.6 so actually its 480mm but very narrow FOV.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hotwork77 View Post
    . Everbody can take a snapshot but few can take a photo.
    love this saying !!

    agree with you anson, the 2x sure come in handy !! =)

    @basherbomb : yes its to increase the focal length of lenses depending on what telecons you get.
    2x etc

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    Hi, I'm going to the Airshow on Sunday with my Uncle who did his NS in the SAF in the 1980s as an air techie.

    He asked me to buy tickets for the show. But we've only going there at about 2pm after family lunch.

    My other friend advised me to just go to the Singapore beach park as the views there are just as good if not better than the Exhibition hall.

    He also says there's not much point to go to the show as the security is very tight and you aren't allowed very close to the static displays

    Is that true? I mean, if I pay for the tickets do I get my moneys worth?

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