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    Trying to tell a story of a woman who is waiting for her loved one through the test of time and yet felt so confined in a bird cage like at the same time.

    This was shot in a studio with two soft big soft box at each side and a beauty light facing the model. Was taken with my tamron 17-50mm f2.8 VC @42mm f13 1/250sec.

    I have just started photography around middle of 2009 and this is my first attempt in producing this caliber picture. Please do provide feedback on my attempt.

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    nice but the red lipstick on her kinda too attracting..
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    A good idea on conceptual portrature, however, personally after reading...

    a woman waiting for her loved one thro the test of time...till hair turns white,

    picture shows a girl wearing a wig...which does not fit the write up or the intention.

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    I find the PF in the bg very distracting, can it be corrected?..
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    wow. nice. i like! watch the vignetting on the right side. u woke up one day and decided to do this posed shot for fun??

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    one more thing...prob got to watch the lighting as well. lights coming from top. body slightly underexposed. upper shadows alittle inconsistent with lower shadows.

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    there's a distracting pink fringing on the tree trunk

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    the gown should be brighter abit?
    not to impress but shoot to express

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    Top portion is correctly lit but bottom half is not. Pink fringing at the tree trunk in background.

    Model looks too stiff. A bit relaxed and believing in the theme would be better.
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    not a fan of the angle for her face here, it is slightly upturned, it is an unflattering angle. is that what you desire? if so, then fine.

    as others have pointed out, the light on your subject does not seem to tally with the light we see in the background.


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