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Thread: Digi Video Cam which one?

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    Default Digi Video Cam which one?

    I'm looking for a Digital Video Camera which will last me for some time and will be able to add accessories like filters, lens, mic, lighting etc.

    Are there websites like dpreview where indepth reviews are done?

    My choice are:

    Sony DCR-PC330E (What's smooth interval recording?)
    Sony DCR-PC105E
    Canon MVX10i
    Canon MVX3i
    Panasonic GS70

    I prefer portability, so the 1st 3 choice feels better due to the grip position.

    Which one should I get?

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    I would prefer Sony or Panasonic. Try to get one with Car Zeiss or Leica len. I am a happy owner of NV-GX7

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    I own Canon Mv6i,
    brought abt 3 weeks ago and pretty happy with it, only thing is image is not as rich as i would like, but then again its also becoz I am constraint by budget of $1500 plus i wanted something very portable..... and all digital camrecorder ard this px range is abt the same quality, so got to live with it.

    From what i see at the various shops, prob Sony's model with their carl zeiss lens produces slightly richer color compared to model of similar px range but then again best if u test and see for yourself and u must like the feel and grip as well,
    I have been to MS Color (AMK) and Alan photo (Sim Lim) and they offers pretty competive prices and is friendly enough to offer u to test without harrasing u to buy, been to a couple other at Sim Lim and had bad experience.......

    can check the following site for info, review, price etc.

    there is quite a lot out there, just do a yahoo search....

    think straitstime also has some review.....,00.html?
    just got to key in the model u want to search....

    happy shopping


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