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Thread: Kodak 200 High Definition film

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    hmmm....flash is important ..... 200 films should suffice wif flash...hard to say wat settings to ya metering system...and compensate from wat the cam feels is right....boils down to understanding ya camera,,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by sulhan

    I was really amazed on the sharpness of th photos taken with this ISO 200 film.
    And I'm totally amazed that you chose to use ISO200 film for indoor work! Respect!

    Kodak HD200 is still too expensive for my liking. Is it significantly less grainy/sharper when viewed in < S8R?

    Anyway, if you want fast film in low light, Superia 800 or 1600 is the way to go, although they can get a bit tough on the pocket--800 = $5.30/roll, 1600 = $7.50/roll, at least a few months ago.

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