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Thread: Type of bag to use when traveling

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    Default Re: Type of bag to use when traveling

    Quote Originally Posted by pinholecam View Post
    I like a belt type bag that also has a shoulder sling.

    1. Relieves the back to carry a day pack
    2. Distributes the weight from waist down (less shoulder/back ache)
    3. Can choose to shoulder sling if necessary (eg. easier access or in crowds)
    4. More mobile/agile w/o the bag swaying here and there in the case of shoulder bags.

    Downside :
    1. Typically such bags are smaller, so can't fit in very long lenses (eg. 70-200/2.8)
    I manage to fit 3 lenses, 1 flash, filters though
    Not really, Think Tank Speed Racer fits you criteria
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    Default Re: Type of bag to use when traveling

    My carry system only costs me S$30 bucks

    I brought a body with two zoom lenses for travels. Using those S$30 crumpler insert bought at orient photo, I stuffed it inside a conventional Deuter backpack. I first padded it with normal sponge foam at the bottom of the backpack b4 putting the insert on top of it, so that the bottom of the insert is very secure.

    On top of the insert (after putting in the gears), i place nothing, the most a light jacket. Don't wish to add weight stress on top of my gears.

    To prevent thievery from the back, I wear the backpack in front of me. Changing lens is a breeze as i just unzip the main section of the backpack to access my gears and change inside the dust and wind! A sling bag is the next best but it can get a little unwieldy at times!

    Most importantly = low cost + effective + doesn't shout "i'm a camera bag"
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    Just bring along your favourite sling/messenger bag and drop your DSLR in. do get a lens pouch to protect ur lens.

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