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Thread: Recommend battery brand and charger for 9V Batteries

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    Default Recommend battery brand and charger for 9V Batteries

    Looking to get rechargeable 9V batteries. I've seen some on the market that are 150 - 170mAh. are these typical? Compared to the 2000+ rating for 1.5Vs it seems rather miniscule.

    That said, anyone can recommend a brand of battery and battery charger for 9V batteries?

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    Don't know about rechargeables... but I use Duracell 9V battery for my bass. Not as long lasting as the Energizer ones, but the voltage is more constant with usage.

    I don't think I'm helping you...

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    Capacity rating of the 9V is lower, but don't forget that it is producing higher voltage also, 9V vs 1.2V

    I would recommend this 9V charger, it is an intelligent charger able to quick charge 2 x 9V simultaneously in under 3 hours. For $29.95, you get this charger with 2 pieces of NEXcell 160mAh 9V battery. It 's quite a steal. Top up $4 per battery to upgrade from 160mAh to 200mAh 9V battery.

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