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    The best way to find out if it will be successful is to survey through a poll on how many people would actually want to subscribe to the proposed ClubSnap magazine, and what kind of content they would like to see in it.
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    Why din anyone mention about legal consultant?
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    I am excited to see that so many people are interested to produce a CS magazine. However, why must we produce a magazine under the name of Clubsnap which involve more parties in it. Why not producing it with Nikon first under it name of Focus first?

    However, it is not an easy task to publish a magazine in Singapore.

    The following factors are:

    - Initial Capital
    Who is paying for the initial cost for printing and distributing?

    - Content
    Are we talking about Camera gears? They are always the 1st to receive information and testing it out. So how can we compete with them in review?

    - Cost of magazine
    We have a small market and people here are not going to spend like $10 to $20 for a magazine. To sustain in printing we need lots of advertising and pages of adv but who is going to buy a magazine that 1/2 of it is adv?


    - Revamp Homepage (
    I suggest to revamp the current website. Who stay more that a minutes on I guess most of us go direct to forum. Why cant we have a better homepage like

    Pop photo
    Digital photography
    Picture correct
    Digital photography school

    And we allows user to post tips and reviews for viewers from there we start collecting good content. However, from what I see in CS. There are more users that are kin in gears and better knowledge of using it then to produce some good review and tips.

    From experience, questions posted were always answered in 1 or 2 sentences and it lack the quality content and comparison.

    - Online magazine

    Even nikon sg - Focus goes online. This reduce cost involved and we could concentrate on producing quality work.

    But to conclude, I think until we have a better content in Clubsnap providing quality tips and reviews of gears. There are no point competing with other photography magazines.

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    I think the excitement has already died down. Until a year or two later someone else might bring up this topic again. Then a flurry of excitement and it goes through another cycle. Doubt it will ever go beyond the "talking" stage.

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    Here's my background first. I'm into art, business, technology (high level but not gadgets) and love photography (more towards looking than shooting -- I love the CS photo galleries).

    I'm really interested to create this magazine because I see great potential. By "potential" I mean you can make enough money within 5 years and not having to work anymore, even pay photographers to go for sponsored-for overseas holiday trips. I'm going to start it but not so soon as I have another business on hand.

    Here are some of thoughts. It's just really a template. I don't mind sharing because different people will implement it differently.


    This is going to turn into a business. If it's going to make money, it's going to be more fun because there will be more resources to do things individual can't.
    But as a business, it will take away a bit of the fun because you're have to produce content for readers, you're no longer just shooting for yourself, there's a level of quality to keep up and that is what's going to take the fun away.

    The way I see it, it's definitely going to be more fun if you're shooting and earning money. People will be motivated.

    Print vs Online

    An online magazine can offer so much that a printed publication can't. Put it another way, I cannot see what print can offer that online can't, in terms of content.
    Startup cost is low which really helps. Once the readership is larger, print publication can be considered, but not the other way round.


    1. SEA picture stories
    The amount of photos in the Photo Galleries section already proves that generating content is not a problem. The quality of those photos are really great.
    Just having photos is not enough to differentiate the magazine. Having stories, people stories, to go with photos will be key at getting readership. I'm not talking about writing paragraphs, I'm just talking about put one or two lines of captions.

    2. Gear review
    There is a lot of money to be made doing gear reviews. More than you can imagine.
    Note the SEA has a good advantage because we're close to the manufacturers of cameras,
    meaning we can get cameras faster, and that offers a lot of possibilities if you can see how much buzz pre-release cameras make. It basically takes care of

    3. The other usual type of content
    Techniques, holiday advice and stuff like that.

    The key is still 1. SEA picture stories.


    The content will be geared towards SEA but the market doesn't have to be, especially if it's an online magazine.
    You just need a bit of market share from the international audience and it will be profitable already.

    Revenue model

    Just from gear reviews alone will be substantial. No specifics here for obvious reason.

    Sponsored ads are good but they won't earn much -- I'm refering to banner ads.

    Sponsored ads created by the magazine will be the second money earner. Instead of outsourcing to design firms, we can do that in house, and do it different compared to the 1-page camera ad on newspapers.


    Not CS definitely. The fact that CS has been around for so long, with such a big community and still a forum says something. But working with CS for marketing can be a great help.

    These are just some of my thoughts so far.

    The key is to start small, grow fast.

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