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Thread: Seeking advice: Divorce

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    Quote Originally Posted by tokrot
    Hi Guys,

    I dunno whether I should discuss this in the forum but I am really really helpless... My marriage is on the rock and gonna end soon. OK here's my story. We were married in yr 2000 and had no customary marriage and had a 5-room flat two yrs later. My Wife (a SG PR) refused to share same bed, bedroom, refused customary marriage, refused sex. Now my wife being tired of me, wants to dump me. She's hiring a lawyer based on the facts that she thinks I am impotent (which I am NOT! ) and uncompatible. She told me all I have to do is to sign the paper agreement and there we go our seperate ways.

    Throughout the 4 yrs, I have given her monthly allowances and many cash ( she insists on cash basis) on her birthdays, her dad& mom's birthday, Christmas, CNY, Wedding anniversaries and shopping. What she does is come home late with 1 am plus half drunken occassionally. She even refused to contribute to Household exspense at all.

    Based on my friend's account, it is useless for me to get the lawyer to fight this case as a divorce case is still a divorce case in the end. The Women Charter Laws protects the women here. But what I want is the truth to be out and show what kind of person she is. My question now is should I get a lawyer to "fight" the case for me? will this divorce case have any affect on my next case of maintainence fee? Please advise.....
    Divorce is very common these days. Really sad to see you in such a mess.

    If I were you, I'll just sign the F paper and carry on with my life.

    There're plenty of women out there. Have fun mate

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    Quote Originally Posted by tokrot
    We had a heat argument just now. It seems like there's no turning back. She given me an offer again. We shall split the cost of legal fees of hiring one lawyer only and she's asking for no flat or maintainence fees. I am afraid this time is for real, never expect to happen to me like that. I am requesting a week to consider....
    hey bro
    she doesnt love u now!!!!!
    deepest regards

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