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    I am planning a trip to Central Europe.
    May I ask, is there alot of low light situation over there?
    Example alot of dim lighted Church is a D300 ISO1600 sufficent?
    Purpose of this question is there I am contemplating between D300 or D700(I wont be getting external Flash).
    If there isnt much dim light situation, I am considering D300 with a 18-200.
    If there is, I will be considering D700 with a Prime say either 25mm or 35mm

    I will be bringing a Dlux 4 (with Wide Converter).

    Hope to hear some advice from those that been there.
    I wont wan to carry too much equipments.
    I have owned and sold both D300 and D700 before thus I am familiar with this 2 models.
    Just not sure which to buy back.

    D700 is good, only that all its Lens is Heavy and limited choice of lens thus the reason why I sold it last time. So even I buy back, it will be with Prime Lens...D700 + 24-70 was a back breaking experience for me previously not to mention the elongated 24-70 always get in the way.

    Thanks in advance

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    maybe get something faster then F1.8?
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    are you going to lug a tripod or monopod along? some churches dont allow flash or tripod photography but close an eye if there isnt mass or too many people. places like the sacre coeur are always crowded so it will be difficult.

    i lug my d300 18-200 when i do roadtrips .. pretty much gets me along in europe.

    you can see some of the interior basilica/cathedral photos @


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    How about bring just the DLUX4 and a small gorillapod
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