View Poll Results: When walking on the streets.. Do you

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  • Keep camera in bag until there is something to shoot

    92 50.83%
  • Walk with camera hanging

    76 41.99%
  • Dun take it out at all because scared/shy/pai seh

    13 7.18%
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Thread: Camera with you, walking on the streets.

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    neck lor....mine's a simple f420....very compact....

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    If I'm juz going out for a walk, window shopping or to the bookshop alone, I'll usually dun take my camera along.

    But if I'm meeting up friends formally, I'll bring it. Sling it around my neck like a tourist. People tend to pay u no heed if u look like a tourist. Notice that ppl will give u dirty looks if u use a simple P&S camera, mistaking u for a pervert. They'll tend to be more natural in front of a SLR.

    My principle now? Go out take SLR, no more P&S.

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