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    Hello! Got some noobie questions to ask...

    When i look at the "Custom Image" setting on my K-x, i can choose which setting i want and adjust the profile of each setting if i want. And i see that the things that i can adjust are:

    High Low Key Adj

    May i ask why for Portrait and Vibrant, everything is by default set to the centre? That makes them the same, doesnt it? The hexagon picture shows different profiles though, what does it mean?

    The last one being "Sharpness", let's say i want my photos to be sharper (regardless of the lens used), is it as simple as shifting the bar all the way to the right? Does it affect the balance of the picture?

    Thanks for enlightening me

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    portrait and vibrant difference is in the color hue hexagon, one is skewed the other is amplified linearly from "natural". the hexagon shape is like an indication of color hue.

    experiment to find your desired setting, over sharpening will tend to produce artifacts.
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