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    Hello everyone,

    I m a newbie and curious about night macro shooting.....I have little experience on macro shooting in the morning but not at night... me understand more about night macro shoot...

    1.How to seek or look for small bugs to macro shoot in the dark environ?They are so small to seek even during daylight.

    2.The camera gear is the same for night macro and day macro?eg.flash,lens

    3.normally we get dragon fly,flies ,butterfly,bugs ...what about at night ?


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    I have been through a few night sessions with a grp in Admiralty Park (woodlands) at night. Usually around 10 plus people. It is not safe to shoot night macro alone as the path is pitch dark.

    1. Use high power LED torch light to search and combining the effort from all the guys, we can locate the insects.

    2. Yes, same equipment (camera & lenses & flashs). i have used Raynox DCR 250 and as well as macro 100mm f2.8 lens at night but we need light to focus. Teamwork - we help each other to hold their light for focusing or even the flash light while they shoot.

    3. No dragonfly, butterfly but have different type of spiders, hoppers and sometimes mantis, scorpion.

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    thanks for sharing your experience.

    Looks like no solo expedition for night macro.



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