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Thread: is tripod necessary for taking photos?

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    er... i meant you are more forth coming, direct and HONEST with your opinion.
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    Well, if i really want to be analytical about it, i would ask myself two questions:

    1) What resolution do i need/want? 4R? 8R? 16R? The higher the magification, the more resolution i need. i will need to work backwards - for example, if i'm printing an A3 and i want it sharp at native 250dpi, i will need about 3000dpi on film or ~60 lp/mm.

    2) Where is the 'sharpness' bottleneck in my system? Is it my lens, my film/sensor, my camera (mirror slap, film curvature, etc), or my technique (ie i need a tripod)?

    If i know, for example, that i'm using fast grainy film which resolves only 40 lp/mm, or that my camera slap is affecting the picture bcoz i'm shooting at 600mm, or that my lens is crappy (low resolution) and simply unable to resolve more than 50 lp/mm, blah blah, then the tripod wouldn't matter - bcoz the sharpness bottleneck is (suspected to be) somewhere else. i need to fix the weakest link in my chain first, so to speak.

    A tripod with good technique will bring you to around 40-60 lp/mm, to go signifcantly higher, you need to look at very good lenses and fine grained BW film.

    90% of the time, the weakest is the handholding part, and using a pod substantially improves the sharpness.

    There are some situations where you absolutely must have a tripod - multiple exposures, very long exposures, etc.

    Hope this helps.

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    wah so cheem ar...

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    tripod is meant for those times when u reach the utmost lower limit of your handholdeability and still intend not to incur signs of camera shake. for example 9pm at night, ISO 800, f2, 2 seconds. ^_^

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