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Thread: Regarding Hot Pixels

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    Default Regarding Hot Pixels

    Hi all. I like to seek advise from all.

    I have a S2Pro. And discover that i have hotpixels. At ISO100 and shutter speed faster than 1 sec, no hotpixels. But as the ISO goes higher or the shutter speed goes slower, hotpixels starts to surface. And not just a few.

    So do you think I should send in for fixing this problem? As i don't really like my camera to be opened unnecessarily. And if the fix is just remapping, then i am not sure if it is worth it, unless they change the CCD for me. And FYI, my camera is still under warranty.

    I am using a software called "DeadPixelsTest.exe" to test the .tiff file generated with a capped lens, and covered viewfinder when taking the shots.

    Pls enlighten me. Thanks alot.

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    are hot pixels = dead pixels?


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