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Thread: Need help: vetting an article

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    Default Need help: vetting an article

    I wrote a short article on 300d's ISO and white balance for my hall's photo comm consumption. However, before I release it to them, hope you helpful people can help me vet this article.

    (236KB - Right click and "Save Target As..." to download)

    All comments welcomed - grammar, spelling mistakes, factual errors or otherwise.

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    seems alright to me. perhaps an addition of "locking" to a particular WB mode other than AWB may be helpful. remember the lighting at the rink?

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    you mention, "however the corridor lights outside are rendered a bit too green"

    your use of the word however seems to make this statement sound negative, as if it were a flaw. remember that white balance is calculated for only one exact color temperature... even when doing preset, the solution is exact to 1 degree kelvin. thus it will balance wrongly for the corridor light which is more cool than the room light.

    maybe try, "as expected, due to accurate calculation of the color temperature in the room, the outside florescent lights were rendered green"

    just my opinion. need not follow.
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    Thanks for the replies by Sehsuan and showtime.
    I've taken into account some of your comments and updated the article accordingly.

    A copy of the article can be downloaded here for those interested:
    (Copy and paste the URL into a new browser window. Website doesn't allow remote linking.)

    A bit wordy, but hope it will be helpful for those who may not know the effects of high ISO and using a correct white balance setting.

    I've released this article into public domain, so anyone is free to use it (including ClubSNAP). Just credit the author of the article can already.
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