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    hi was doing some online shopping on the net but was unable to contact the person after i've made my transfer ... b4 the transfer the person wad like replying me every 5 min . but after the transfer ... the email just stop .... no contact ... was think should i bring this to a police case ?? its been 2 days alr ...
    shoot me pls

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    TS, u got the website? or contact number? actually such cases police cant do that much also..

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    esp when transfer is to nigeria

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    If its a cheap piece of electronic you bought from overseas, 99.9% chance you got scammed. Also after a few days, he might contact you again to let you know the item stuck at customs and you have to pay more.

    If you paid him by Western Union, you're screwed. If you paid him by Paypal / Credit Card, inform paypal or your credit card company for a chargeback for goods not recieved.


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