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    Hi there is there any 1 have paul no. ? From tago tech ... I'm under his blk for self collection but I can't contact him help !!!!
    shoot me pls

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    u wont be able to ctc him.
    try thru email.
    he will give u alice ctc.

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    i've post him like 4 emails request for a no. to call as it will speed things up and he still ask mi to go down to collect ... y is it so hard for ppl tt do business to be contactable ?!?!
    shoot me pls

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    haha. probably that's just over the wkend, since its just start of new yr.
    anyway yes, his replies are sometime 'not straight to the point'.
    he wont provide his ctc.

    at most tell him self collect. ya that's how i liased with him to get my tianya filters.

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    anyway thx bro
    shoot me pls


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