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Thread: Lens SHarpness Test

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    Default Lens SHarpness Test

    I was informed that some time ago someone posted a link in the forums here to a wbesite that did a comparitive study on lens sharpness and had quite a number of lenses in a tabulated form. I did a search but failed to locate it. Anyone knows of the link and/or the post in clubsnap here containing the link?

    Thanks in advance

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    Is this the one you're looking for:

    ... ?

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    thanks ST1100 for the link, its useful.

    but is there one which has a comparitive chart it in a table form?

    anyone else?

    Quote Originally Posted by ST1100
    Is this the one you're looking for:

    ... ?

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    ah this appears to be the one I'm looking for. Thanks a lot UY79.

    anyone else has similar test charts?

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