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    Hi all,

    Spent Christmas and New Year in Korea and boy, it was cold. Average temperature was -5.

    Here are some pictures taken...

    1. My hotel room view. Shot through the window as the roof was not accessible.

    2. A must go place is the Seoul Tower, where it is on top of a mountain overseeing Seoul. The locals said it would is not a wise idea to go due to the cold weather in the city, not to mentioned up in the mountain. If the advise was taken, I would not be able to share this with you...

    3. At the Seoul Tower, there is also the Teddy Bear Museum, where teddy bears were used to illustrate the history of Korea, from the past to present. Here's a picture of a punky bear...

    4. Visited a small town outside the city where life was simple and a great getaway. Noticed the river was partly frozen and took a shot.

    5. Lunch and tea break was settled mostly at road side stalls. They seemed hygienic and it was tasty. Cost was only about SGD4.

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    6. There was a wedding held in our hotel and this caught my attention.

    I "chanced" upon a camera museum near Seoul Land. Did not seem interesting on the outside but since got time to kill, went in to have a look. What a surprised I had.... There were all minty vintage cameras, placed there by the collectors for visitors to view. There are the Canons, Nikons and of cause the Leicas... Unfortunately, no pictures are allowed thus no pictures here to share... But here's the website...

    Thanks for reading my lengthy post. Hope you enjoyed it.


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