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Thread: Offer for nude

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    Quote Originally Posted by oleo first I request.

    BUt then she goes further n offer me for more experimental stuffsss...

    Then, I get worried with her.
    So, you first requested her to be your model, she agreed, but took it further and offered to pose in the nude for you (and explained to you her intended use of the photos), you rejected it at first due to concerns with getting into trouble with the law, and now you are exploring your options?

    Quote Originally Posted by oleo
    Alternatively, I`ll shoot her n just give her those pics that I feel safe enough to be in her hands...I`ll tell her first.

    The rest will be kept secured in my CD.
    I don't know how you judge which pictures are "safe" to be in her hands. Keeping the "unsafe" pictures for yourself? You think that is a "safe" thing to do? Seems to me that your intentions are questionable in the first place.

    There is no point in discussing this further on this forum. You have got the necessary feedback and advice, and bear in mind that the feedback and advice provided from CS members are only their personal opinions.

    Make your own judgement on what you want to do.

    I am closing this thread.


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