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Thread: Cant decide yet. Forgive me

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    Its always about the whole system.. in the long run..
    Don't be too fascinated about the camera body only especially at entry level, not much diff

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    Quote Originally Posted by afiy92 View Post
    Not getting it now but still its better for me to do some research and ask from the others about what their comments / reviews on particular model and such .

    Okay I am more to street photography I should say . I will just snap anything that looks nice too .

    More of landscape I should say . Macro is just not into me maybe in later stage perhaps .

    Secondly I do skate anyway maybe can take of people skateboarding doing their tricks too .

    I have few models in my mind seriously but I've yet to decide which one should I go for if I want to learn and get into photography.

    Sony A330
    Sony A320

    ^^ Specifications wise good enough for just a beginner but the main thing both my mum and brother told me go for NIKON/CANON because its the best


    ^^ heard both pros and cons d3000 functions wise just sucks and d5000 is almost the same as d3000 just that it have tilt screen

    Canon 1000D

    ^^ lousy specifications from what i heard

    Pentax Kx

    ^^ I don't know just that PENTAX is just not into me

    Canon 500D

    ^^ Price wise abit steep but the best . Thought of getting that . Any comments?

    My suggestion you go straight forward to semi pro dslrs. in this case it will take you sometime before you upgrade. try alpha system. good price and good specs.

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    Really feel sorry for this guy, having quite a bit of problem making a decision for so long and after so much advice received...

    Hope he will find the right one for himself soon!
    I don't subsidize marketing campaigns.

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