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Thread: newbee question about flashgun battery recharging...

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    Default newbee question about flashgun battery recharging...

    hi everyone,

    Happy New Year!

    quick question i recently bought nissin di866 flash and have a question on charging the batteries.
    i bought energizer AA battery charger from cold storage... and threw away the manual without reading... my question how long AA rechargable batteries needed to be charged? coz with this energizer charger it doesnt have anything that indicates that... when i put 4 AA batteries to charge to green lamps switch on and they are always on after 8,9,10 hours so my guess is they never switch off... so how long do i charge the batteries? the first time of course i charged all my battries abuot 8-9 hrs.... but now? same 8-9 hrs? or 2-3 hrs is enough? can anybody share the experience please... after couple of hrs the charger gets pretty hot too
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    If we have the same charger, look on the back and the charging time is stated there.

    I guess that's assuming you're using the rechargeable Energizers that came with the charger.

    Different brands/model/capacity of batteries will have different charging times. Just look at the output of the charger and take the total capacity of the battery you're using and calculate the time it would take to charge the cell completely.

    E.g., if the charger says 170mA for an AA cell, and your XYZ brand AA metal hydride battery has a capacity of say 2300mA:

    2300 divided by 170 = 13.53 hours for a full charge.

    That's pretty much how I have been doing it for years, and my close to 6 or 7 year old cheapo GP batteries are still going strong and my Eneloops are still great. I use all sorts of simple chargers, not the fancy expensive ones.

    You could also get an affordable battery checker at most higher end hardware stores to check how much charge a particular battery has.

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    maybe u can check the model of the charger and google it and see how long it take to charge your battery ...

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    Good example to buy battery chargers with at least a decent form of indicators or display about charging status. If the charger doesn't sense the charging status and cuts of the power then the batteries won't live long if you don't observe and calculate.

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    thanks guys... for all the comments... they really helped... i just googled it... and now i now how long i need to charge my batteries... thanks again and good luck in 2010


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