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    I was invited to be my friend's 2nd shooter at a wedding, but I was got 2 questions I would like to raised here..
    1. What lens should I used? If I would like to take candid shoot..
    2. What should I do since there is timeless for me to do a perfect candy shoot, to setting my camera to avoid under / over expose, or image blur any solution?
    Anyone can share with me your experience?Much appreciate for your reply..^^ Thank you.
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    Use an external flash and diffuser like the Lembency or lightsphere.

    Set to a slightly higher ISO like 400-800.

    Set to P.

    Use a wide to short tele lens like a kit lens.

    Stay out of the line of shot and also out of the way of the main photographer.

    Sorry, have no idea what a "candy shoot" is. I thought you were 2nd shooter at a wedding?

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    i think he meant "candid" shots


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