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Totally untrue.

Pentax has a good range of lenses specifically designed for digital (ie. the DA series). If you are unsure, just go to the price list section and see for yourself.

Adding all the legacy FF K mount lenses that it can use from SMC K, M, A, F, FA series spanning easily 30+yrs. Add to this the many 3rd party models over these 30+yrs and you have TONS on lenses to use. In fact, they can be used directly without any conversions/adapters, etc. The camera bodies even cater for metering and focus confirmation (not every camera maker has put in so much consideration to its legacy users).
Many are good and cheap.

Long lens choice also does not mean you an afford to buy them all.
Yes, and I thought Nikon was into legacy support. Whoops, where did my AI support and screw AF motor go to?
Don't get me wrong, I am after all bashing my own DSLR, the D60.
Funny how a Nikon user now wants a Pentax lol
But I second what banana0ne said; Pentax's support for older lenses is much more comprehensive versus Nikon's, unless you wanna bring the D300/D700/D3 into the picture lol.
But I do find that older Pentax lenses are harder to find versus Canon FD lenses or Nikon lenses...