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Thread: fixing out of focus (blurred) photos

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    Default Re: fixing out of focus (blurred) photos

    Quote Originally Posted by eyes View Post
    Technically, a badly focused image cannot be fixed. It is still worth the while to shoot as it is intended.




    By the way, hosting a blur image on Facebook only made things worse.

    yep. ps didnt help much there. apart from the metal being slightly sharper, it just made the overall image mroe grainy. seeing metal is made up of more monochromatic colors so its sharper.


    just go retake bah.

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    Default Re: fixing out of focus (blurred) photos

    Actually there's another ultimate solution in fixing this if the photo is worth a million to you. If you're good at drawing and painting, just draw and paint back the details. However, this feat can only be executed if you can draw and paint properly and you have all the time you need to do so.
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    Default Re: fixing out of focus (blurred) photos

    PS will help but I also agree if possible do a reshoot..

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