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Thread: Be careful when you visit Johor

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    Default Be careful when you visit Johor

    Singpaoreans are used to a relatively crime free environment, and we tend to take safety for granted.

    We leave our belongings in plain sight, wear expensive watches / jewelry in JB, not knowing or thinking about who is watching us. But we are like lamps to the slaughter and when you read about this man who lost his Merc at a car wash, you emphatise, but also feel that he should have taken a lot more caution:

    Thieves drive off with S'porean's Merc at JB car wash By Zaihan Mohamed Yusof
    THE Singaporean businessman's jaw dropped when he heard what the car wash worker told him.
    "Your friend already collected your car," the worker told him in Malay.
    The businessman was confused. How could that be?
    The only friend he was with was another Singaporean who had been having supper with him after they had dropped off his luxury car at a car wash in Jalan Datuk Abdullah Tahir in Johor Baru (JB). The businessman, who wanted to be known only as Mr Neo, was furious.
    He realised that someone had given his car key to a stranger, who had then made off with his car. Now his Mercedes Benz E200, which he had bought two years ago for $180,000, was gone.
    Said Mr Neo, 34: "I was upset. How could he have passed the key to someone else other than me?"
    The Singaporean driver declined to give his full name for fear of possible reprisals from car theft syndicates.
    Apparently, an unidentified Chinese man had asked for the key to Mr Neo's car, a worker at the car wash had told him.
    Thinking that he was Mr Neo's friend, the worker had given the man the key.
    The incident prompted Mr Neo to contact citizen- journalism website Stomp.
    Mr Neo told The New Paper on Sunday that he and his Singaporean friend were driving back from Malacca to Singapore after a business trip on 13 Dec.
    The pair arrived in JB at about 11.30pm. Mr Neo then drove his brown Mercedes into one of the many car washes along Jalan Datuk Abdullah Tahir.
    The road is in an area famous for its entertainment and late-night eateries.
    On weekends, many Singaporeans can be seen at the stretch of 24-hour car wash joints, a 10-minute drive from the Causeway.
    There are more than 10 car washes along Jalan Datuk Abdullah Tahir.
    'Nameless' centre
    The one that Mr Neo pulled into was, however, a nameless establishment.
    Only a small sign in Malay which said Cuci Kereta or car wash hung above the open-air business.
    Mr Neo, who was visiting the car wash for the first time, said he did not think twice about leaving his car behind as there were other Singapore-registered cars in the queue.
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    Default Car theft

    Car theft is not uncommon, so beware when you go there.
    Saving a few dollars when you go to a hypermart can cost you a lot more than you save.

    "Motoring @ AsiaOne
    Many have suffered the same fate
    Car thefts have also occurred in shopping centres' car parks. Here are some of them.

    Tue, Dec 29, 2009
    The New Paper
    CAR thieves have made clean getaways in places other than a car wash.
    In November, Ms Claire Gwee, 29, had her 18-month-old Mitsubishi Colt Plus stolen at Aeon Tebrau City Shopping Centre, a 20-minute drive from the Causeway.
    She had parked her car at the shopping centre's basement carpark.
    On 18 Sep, Singaporean Khalid Shikh Abdul Rahman had his Honda Civic stolen from the basement carpark of Jusco Tebrau, a shopping centre.

    - Thieves drive off with S'porean's Merc at JB car wash

    - Precautions to take at JB car washesSome car thieves have resorted to violence too. In 2007, parang-wielding robbers ambushed Singaporean Fareed Hassan in Johor Baru by ramming the back of his car.
    It later led to a 45-minute beating session after the robbers found out that Mr Fareed, who was then 28, had only RM10 ($4.50) on him.
    The armed men later fled with Mr Fareed's $40,000 car and valuables worth $3,000.
    Still, the Malaysian authorities have assured Singaporeans that Johor is still a safe place to visit.
    In a 2006 news report, statistics compiled by the Johor Police showed that in recent years, car thefts involving Singapore cars have been negligible.
    Mr N Parameswaran, High Commissioner of Malaysia to Singapore, had then said: "In 2004, of the 1,381 cars reported stolen in Johor, only 33 (2.39 per cent) were Singapore-registered cars".
    The following year, only 52 (3.7 per cent) out of the 1,394 cars reported stolen were Singapore-registered.
    In January and February 2006, of the 264 car thefts reported, only three were from Singapore, he said.
    This article was first published in The New Paper.
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