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    Nice to meet u all

    I'm newbie here, starting to learn about photography..
    I hope I can enjoy stay in this forum to keep growing and loving this hobby.
    Since, I still dont have DSLR to start with, I keep searching where I can find DSLR which good price here in Singapore (I'm not from Singapore for sure ). Any suggestion??

    I'm interested with nature photography and love travelling.
    What suggestion for me to choose good camera to start with ( I really intersted with Canon 7D, but very costly)

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    Welcome to the club !

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    Another poisoned by advertisements?

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    For your basic requirements, all cameras are good. Consider all brands, such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax. compare, contrast, do your research. Remember, YOU will be using the camera, not US. So it is YOU that needs to make the choice.

    We have a priceguides section that lists the reputable shops.

    Also, do consider that this is possible the 500th "DSLR to start with" thread this month alone. Please do some reading.


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