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Thread: Pentax Auto 110 - Cute Cute :)

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    Smile Pentax Auto 110 - Cute Cute :)

    Anyone own one? . Cute Hor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whoelse
    Anyone own one? . Cute Hor.
    It is probably the smallest SLR system ever made in the history of photography, and the only SLR system for the 110 format. It's such a pity 110 format film is no longer easily available. As far as I know, only Fei Fei in Chinatown carries 110 format film, but only in 24-exposure Konica flavours. Processing and printing fees are higher than 35mm format though.

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    More subminiture cameras:

    Pentax Auto 110

    Russian Narciss 16mm SLR

    Ducati: Great Italian Half-frame Mini "Leica"

    All Black "Professional" Kodak Instamatic 60

    It's a Bird, It's a Plane
    It's Mighty Camera!!

    Olympus Pen F, FT, FV
    Largest Half-frame System

    Robot 1: Heinz Kilfitt's 1934 Motorized Masterpiece

    Rollei 16S Submini

    The incredible Swiss Tessina 35mm Twin Lens Reflex

    Anyone interested in collecting them?

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    Behind the viewfinder...


    ooohh.. spy cams...

    I had the Kodak instamatic 60 but lost it away when I moved house... darn....

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    I remember that instamatic was quite popular in the 70's
    I have one instamatic model too but not the same model, mine more cheapo and take lousy photo haha. Still have it and working too.


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