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Thread: Where are we heading now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yatlapball View Post
    One may be there, but may not see it. One may see it, but may not take it. One may take it, but not do it justice.

    A professional gets himself there, sees it, takes it, and does it justice.
    well said.

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    Anyway, i feel that this thread has served its purpose at the level where its the tip of the iceberg. There are still a million and one factors where many will continue to not see eye to eye, but yet these factors remain as real issues we need to deal with at every level. So hopefully this 5-6 pages have been able to be of good help to some.

    I am still open to having anyone interested in the photography line to come and have coffee with me so i can try to help with taking the first steps into the industry. So do drop me a PM if you may be interested.

    Other then that before i close the thread, Thank you all for your very very inputs on this little thread. Have a very very blessed and happy new year.

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