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Thread: while watching some tv shows, this suddenly reminds me of ole time

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    Default while watching some tv shows, this suddenly reminds me of ole time

    Can you still recall last time, when you were young, whenever you feel like buying those Cha Kway Teow, you can bring your own eggs rights? Have you forgotten?

    And also the coffeeshop, most will have spittoons, darn dirty looking previously, green spot orange juice was all time favoure & F&N grape, etc...

    Any more such classics case to reminisce?

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    Ooooh ball after school..the seller would form a compressed ball of ice with shavings then cover it with multi colored syrup with goodies inside, like red beans etc. And when one has finished with it ..the hands froze with cold.
    Then my favourite too was the little wooden sheds around the school with their famous/infamous "tikam-tikam"...where at times one can spot the winning coupons.

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    last time ago coffeeshop sell those pyramid milk packet ...but bring eggs for char kuay teow... i not that old to recall =)

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    Ya, used to bring our own eggs buy the likes of char kway teow and chye tow kway . . . and 10 cents for one whole container of kopi-o kosong (without sugar). 5 cents for ice-ball kosong and 10 cents for ice-ball with kachang (red beans), ice ball was made from the manual ice shaver rather than mechanical one . . . loved the free ice milo in a cone-shaped cup at school sports days . . . community tv viewing at cc, remember buying tok-tok kway teow mee using a basket on a rope to bring bowl up to the third floor (if did not remember wrongly: sim from ossim used to help a stall selling this in our neighbourhood).


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