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Thread: IR remote control on K-X

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    Default IR remote control on K-X

    from the spec below, does it mean k-x has a built-in IR receiver? So i can buy those cheap remote control in ebay and this will work on the k-x?

    Drive Modes: Mode selection: Single, Continuous (Hi, Lo), Self Timer (12s, 2s), Remote (0s, 3s), Auto Bracket, HDR Capture (+3, 0, -3 w 2 blend settings), Multi-Exposure Continuous FPS: Approx 4.7 FPS (Continuous Hi: 17 JPG, 5 RAW), 2 FPS (Continuous Lo: unlimited JPG, 11 RAW) Self-timer: Yes (12s, 2s) Remote control: Yes (infrared, 0s, 3s)

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    Yeah, I have a cheapo IR remote control from ebay. Can't say that it works perfectly though. Seems to have some range limits and may have to press a couple of times more for it to get the shot off.

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    think u can try Dimage post in the mass sale for a "Universal remote". it works for my Kx....


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