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    Default Please recommend a bag

    Hi all,

    Having problems selecting a camera bag. Reason is I'm trying to fit a video camera - and most bags are designed for DSLRs. Currently, I'm transporting things around in a dry box (japalang style), and getting things in and out is a problem.

    Looking for something small - preferably a bag that can also fit into a backpack main compartment and isn't too big, but with its own strap to allow it to be carried sling or handbag style (however you call it, I'm not sure). If possible, it shouldn't even attract attention. I'm open to using non-camera bags for this and adding random amounts of foam padding, but I'm out of ideas.

    My intended (proposed) load:

    - 1 x consumer video camera
    - Batteries x 3
    - Converter lens x 1
    - Charger x 2
    - Remote control x 1
    - USB to camera cable x 1
    - Memory card reader x 1
    - Microphone x 1
    - Batteries for microphone x 3

    Basically, this sums up to 2 bulky items (camera and microphone), 2 not so bulky items (chargers), and a lot of small stuff like batteries.

    Any recommendations / ideas?

    Thanks so much.


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    Default Re: Please recommend a bag

    fit into a backpack? I'd say forget it for your items.

    forgo your requirement to fit the bag into a backpack, i would suggest looking at Domkes, since their materials are made out of canvas and thus lighter than others. Who knows, you might find one to fit into a backpack too! Cathay has them.
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    I've got a Domke J2, fits the stuff u mentioned but usually I have to alternate shoulders due to the weight. Gets rather tiring after a long day.
    My alternate which I'm also using is the Lowepro Primus AW.

    Guess u should be able to fit all in.

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    portabrace...will last you a lifetime or even pelican which is most of the time for production use.

    if looking for something on the cheap then a very well padded gym bag will do for lite jobs. If you are using a small size camcorder, might want to try inserts that could fit into a backpack.
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    Thanks so much for the advice. Didn't really reply as I had to chiong some work in the last 2 days.

    Going as per agentxq49's advice, I deleted the fit-into-backpack requirement. So happened that I found a used Lowepro Nova 4 AW going on the cheap and bought it. It's definitely overkill for my kind of items, but this gives me plenty of free space to place more stuff that I might get in the future. Only pity is that its not long enough to stuff a small travel tripod inside.

    Weight is not a concern, I'm well used to carrying heavy loads (20kg) and going for long walks.


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