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Thread: Help in Third Party Flash

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    Default Help in Third Party Flash


    Anyone use SPEED Lite YN460 MKII Flash before?

    Can share your experience?

    Thank You

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    I haven't. But i just saw what others have said in a flickr forum, here's the link...

    It does looks rather promising for that price? Im waiting to see what that community has to say still.
    The mark I, if i can it call that, seemed to have quite a few defects and broke down rather soon?

    Alternatively, you can buy from one of the mass seller here.
    I believe they actually provide a yr of warranty, so, it shouldnt be that bad?

    Side note: im not trying to promote any mass seller here, just telling you what i noticed. Cause im also of thinking of gettin one of these babies in the future.
    if you do get one, do let me know your opinion can?
    thanks and regards...

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    Thanks for the info : )

    Will let you know if I got one.


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