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Thread: Handheld burst HDR

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    how to lose detail while "simulating hdr" tutorial:


    2) increase contrast by 25

    3) dodge the edges a bit to even out the exposure at the edge

    4) layer duplicate

    5) increase brightness by a lot, i can't remember, maybe 25-40

    6) erase to reveal building

    7) desaturate by a bit, tweak hue a little with hue/saturation tool

    sorry, my burn/dodge anyhow do, but given a bit more effort i can probably end up with a sharper version still.

    so i have no idea what you have done to the picture, seems like a lot of effort to destroy detail that can be done with simple steps as detailed above.

    for your future reference, thanks. i rest my case.

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    Thanks, will atttempt on that. Photoshop will be my purchase.

    Quote Originally Posted by Anson View Post
    Use PS with the HDR image (from Photomatix) as the background, overlay with a correct exposure on that, mask out the white clouds and adjust your curves (adjustment) and sample the white, grey & dark points.

    Hope it helps.

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