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Thread: Diffraction spike pattern

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    Default Diffraction spike pattern

    I just notice that my EFs 10-22mm cannot produce sharp spike as my EF28-70.
    Why this happen? i'm not talking how many spike it produce. but the edge of the spike.
    Take a look on the test photo

    EF28-70 @ 28mm & F16

    The spike is nice and long. with sharp end point.

    EFs 10-22 @ 22mm & F16

    The spike is short and the end is diverge out

    Even closing aperture down to F29 still cannot get result as EF28-70.

    Can anyone explain this?
    Or my method is wrong?
    Never try ... Never know ...

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    Default Re: Diffraction spike pattern

    Its just how the aperture blades and inner elements are constructed I guess..


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