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Thread: ways of resizing large images

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    Default Re: ways of resizing large images

    Hmmm, if you're talking about reducing the file size WITHOUT affecting the image dimensions I have a tip (I do this all the time btw). Open the file using Windows Paintbrush, for default Windows installations just right-click the file and select "Edit". Once the file is loaded, immediately save the file under a NEW FILENAME ELSE THE EXISTING FILE WILL BE OVERWRITTEN. The saved file will look the same, have the same dimensions and EXIF data, but the file size will be significantly smaller.

    Warning and please note:

    1) Only do this if you're not gonna do any more editing or Photoshop as after saving via Paintbrush the effects of editing the photo will be very different.

    2) I suggest you copy the photos to another directory as one wrong click and you'll ruin the photo forever. You can't undo the Paintbrush save once its done.

    Hope this helps!
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    Default Re: ways of resizing large images

    I found out that even if my original pic is 2848 by 4272, when in photoshop when i click save as and choose jpeg, it shows the jpeg option. Under the image options there is quality right? just set it to medium. The end image is a much smaller file size but when I upload it or email it its easier.... and the iamge dosent look low res...

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    I use a nifty shareware prog called QuickImage Resizer. However, it only works with Windows
    To process a photo with Quick Image Resizer, just drag and drop it from any folder of your computer (or from the desktop) into the blue drop target of Quick Image Resizer. It will be immediately processed with the settings that can be selected using the special control below the blue drop target. Then just drag the finished image file from the right part of Quick Image Resizer wherever you like (to a folder on your computer, into a new email message, upload to your web site, copy to a CD etc).

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