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Thread: Sony A230 or Panasonic LX3?

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    Default Sony A230 or Panasonic LX3?

    Hi all,

    I am planning to get a new camera. I'll just be using camera to take normal shots of scenery and the occasional people/parties/holiday. I went around a few shops today to check for prices of camera and apparently they were promoting the Sony A230. Having read reviews online however, some were favourable and some not so. Being around the same price range as the LX3 with much more favourable reviews, I am still not sure which to get as apparently its more worth it getting a dSLR.

    Can I get some help on deciding between the LX3 and the A230? And of course, any other cameras (prosumers/entry-level dSLR) which may be well worth the price? Also because of the amateurish nature of photos i'll be taking, I won't be planning on getting more lenses for the dSLR.

    Help please! And sorry for the noobness.

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    Default Re: Sony A230 or Panasonic LX3?

    Pros of A230: better image quality, especially in low light.

    Cons of A230: you're investing into a system, camera is bigger.

    So i think ultimately you have to ask yourself is this camera is for serious photography or just for snapshots.

    If you're using for snapshots, then go for LX3. but you're really interested to dive deep and learn photography seriously, then A230.
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