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Thread: Do you often encounter this?

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    Try rain-x, prevents condensation.
    huh ... wat is rain-x

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    When you pull you camera out of the bag, if the lens tempature is a lot lower than the ambient outside tempature, there will be vapour condesation on the lens. This is irregardless of how much silica you put in your bag.
    I think s/he meant putting the equipment in the bag until its temperature reach the ambience with the silica gel absorbing the moisture in the bag.

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    Rain-x is a water repelling liquid used for vehicle windscreen, mirrors and shower screen. Spectacles too to prevent from water droplets and fogging similar to saliva.

    While I have not encounted any problem on any glass surface, I have not tried on camera lens which is why I previous stated to use on plain clear glass filters. The only issue is surface must be cleaned prior application else the stain will stay. Tissue cannot be use as it will leave streaks, cloth is the best.

    Rain-X is alcohol in content so plastic and paint beware. Rain-x is not so popular for front windscreen bec the rain wipers encounter high surface resistance when the water did not spread enough.

    Quote Originally Posted by sin77 View Post
    huh ... wat is rain-x

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