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Thread: Canon vs nikon

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    Default Re: Canon vs nikon

    Guys I appreciate ur teaching and I apologies for being "light ear". Thanks for all feedback

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    Default Re: Canon vs nikon

    To the TS go and shoot more and enjoy your camera, both brand are just as good. No point comparing.

    There are alot of useful and good replies, more than enough.

    I am closing this thread before it becomes a flame war, it is starting in that direction with post such as this ........

    Quote Originally Posted by qingtian View Post
    I dun agree on this. Canon X00D series are good entries level DSLR and are capable of taking good images... Is really depend on how you use it...

    Seeing is believing do a search around this forum and flickr and you can see a lot of good pics taken from X000D series.

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