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Thread: Trying to clear some doubt

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    Default Trying to clear some doubt

    hey guys!

    just wanna wishing everyone MERRY X'MAS!!!i have a question thou...i wanna know more about macro canon i am very into macro shots and all but i am getting slightly lost with the terms and types...based on clubsnap everyone says the 100mm macro lens from canon is pretty awesome but i wanna know what is meant by 1:1 ratio and like can macro lenses take normal shots or solely for macro only? 100mm being a fixed focal length means i can shoot a macro shoot from a distance?then what is the difference between those 70-300mm lenses that has macro function in them?

    sorry i know this pretty naggy and long but hope someone could help me out..


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    Default Re: Trying to clear some doubt

    merry xmas!

    im nikon, but your qn seems fairy generic, so:

    1. 1:1 ratio means the size of the image of the object on the film is the same size as the object IRL. So a 5mm ant is 5mm on your image sensor. If its bigger than this, its not technically macro, but a working dfn would be 1:2 (i.e. 5mm ant is 2.5mm on sensor). Anything bigger than 1:1, eg. 3:1, is micro photography.

    2. macro lenses can take normal shots. eg, a 60mm macro lens can double as a portrait lens. dedicated macro lenses can just focus closer than normal ones. however, things like macro screw-on filters or extension tubes or bellows cannot be used to focus to infinity (i.e. they can only take macro when attached)

    3. yes, a 100mm or 200mm macro lens can be used from a longer distance to achieve 1:1 magnification generally. (i.e. they have a longer working distance) This is useful for insects or things which might fly/run away.

    4. lenses like sigma 70-300 "macro" aren't 'true macro' lenses. (i.e. they cannot produce a 1:1 image on the image sensor). Most of the time they can make 1:3 images, which is big enough for generic close up photography at their longest extension (eg. 300mm)

    hope this helps

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    Default Re: Trying to clear some doubt

    sounds good...thanks loads aprilmoon92...i kinda realised that there was an article on the macro page in this forum but yeah!!will consider the 100mm

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    Default Re: Trying to clear some doubt

    Hi aprilmoon92

    If so, what would you suggest/recommend using for a good Macro Photography? I use an a900 Sony....
    Have always been wanting to start Macro Photography but also having DOUBTS on doing it especially in the Lenses and YES you are very RIGHT, the 70-300 macro is not a true MACRO Lens.
    Your Recommendations plz...

    Merry Xmas....

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    Default Re: Trying to clear some doubt

    hi, i don't own one personally, but from what i've seen and heard the Raynox DCR250 is a good bet. It works for lenses w/ filter threads btwn 52-67mm and is a +8 diopter. Which means any 120mm+ lens becomes a true macro immediately.

    If you don't mind losing a few stops of light, a cheaper alternative is extension tubes. Those are the two I'd recommend for someone just trying macro photography out. (raynox maybe $100-150 in BnS, extension tubes from mass sales maybe $20).

    If you have one particular lens you wanna use as macro you can also get screw-on filters cheaply (ard $15-25) depending on the size, but those work best with prime lenses to maintain image quality. Bear in mind if you change lens and it has diff filter thread size, you cant use it anymore.

    hope this helps
    merry xmas

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    Default Re: Trying to clear some doubt

    You can try stacking close-up filters or get a Raynox DCR-250 before getting a macro lens.

    On the other hand, if you're sure about the focal length is the one you need, a macro lens can also be a lens used for portraiture or product/still life photography.

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    Default Re: Raynox DCR 250

    Hi bros, aprilmoon92 n Shaoken, tanx for the recommendations

    1. Raynox DCR 250...Is that a Macro Lens???
    Can this be USED on a SONY a900 full frame Camera

    2. I have a Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 II EX DG APO Macro HSM...

    3. What does BnS stands for??? Name of a Shop??? If it is, Whats the Location Bros???

    Really sorry for all these questions, but thats what Newbies are good for anyway hehehehehehe
    Merry you guys and all out there...
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    Default Re: Raynox DCR 250

    1. it can be used on any camera, as it attaches to front of lens. but the lens must not be bigger than 67mm i believe.

    2. yes, but you have to buy in the correct size. Green-L filters are pretty cheap and good. Make a post in BnS Accessories and the seller will find you

    3. buy and sell. its the "personal classified" section at the bottom of the forums.

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    Default Re: Trying to clear some doubt

    BnS = Buy n Sell (hahahahaha: how dumb am I)

    I guess that filter will not fit on the Sigma than, as it is 77mm

    Hmmm... I guess I have to go back to lens hunting again for a Macro Lens since this is definitely out ...

    A Million Tanx aprilmoon92...

    Hope to 1 day meet up with you guys... Cheers
    and stay....


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