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Thread: Need help on Akarui E26D Dry Cabinet

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    Default Need help on Akarui E26D Dry Cabinet

    Hi all,

    i just bought the Akarui E26D dry cabinet. Cant really figure out how it works so hope can get some advices here.

    i realize tat when set to M, or between M to H, the reading will always be ard 30-40... seems like it never reaches 45-55. Do i need to set to H?

    How long do i need to wait for the humility to be stable before each settings? the interval for my changing of the settings is around 10hrs. is it too fast? Do i need to perhaps set to M and let it stable for ard 1-2 days?

    Can anyone pls advice on the settings you use? or how do you get it started?

    Thx & Merry Xmas!

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