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Thread: Newbie need advice....

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    Question Newbie need advice....

    Hai guyz,
    Im just got intrested in dslr but loking at the price is out of my budget.
    So after surfing around i tot of getting a used/second hand one.
    What u guyz think? pls comment

    If its ok.... Im quite intrested in Nikon D70....

    PLS PLS PLS.... shine some light on me.....

    Thank you lots in advance.....

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    Default Re: Newbie need advice....

    Hello freakyairhead.
    I usually feel that as a newbie, buying a 2nd hand camera body is a little risky because firstly you would not know exactly what to check for, and secondly, you don't know how much abuse it has gone through with its previous user.
    Camera body has too many electronic circuitry that may go out of sync with drops and such which may not be visible.
    If really have to, buy from a shop that sells 2nd hand camera. At least if any problem, there is the physical shop that you can still run back to.

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    Default Re: Newbie need advice....

    agree, i almost bought a D-SLR with a broken autofocus motor, lucky the seller was kind enough to explain to me that it is damaged and the effects of it.

    For starters, Canon 450d is the best price to performance ratio out there in my opinion! Be sure to check for fungus spots or signs of camera being dropped b4.

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    Default Re: Newbie need advice....

    Hi welcome.

    Take a look at what Sony and Pentax has to offer. Their cameras currently offer the best value for money.
    Minolta. Konica Minolta. Sony

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    Default Re: Newbie need advice....

    hmmm... so its really a 'BAD' idea huh to get second hand ?
    too bad, cau i was bit excited when i come across a D70 for $500/-
    soooo.... gotto search again for a low budget set or just save up....
    thanx guyz.......

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    Default Re: Newbie need advice....

    It's not bad in general - let's call it "not recommended for a newbie". If you happen to know someone who can assess and check the cam then go and get it. But without any basic knowledge about the camera, possible weaknesses or typical problems it's like gambling.

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    I guess your best bet is to find someone who's able to help you check your 2nd hand camera and stuffs.

    oh, it's not just buying the dslr and end of story.. it consist of other stuffs like, dry cabinet (really recommended), lenses+filters, extra batteries, memory cards, tripods etc etc. Do factor in these "hidden" costs ya.
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    Default Re: Newbie need advice....

    ya... 'hidden' cost..... just gotto noe bout dat.... gulp
    but, still intrested.... maybe i save up and for now , just borrow n continue learning... hehehee

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    Default Re: Newbie need advice....

    mayb u can try other dslr ? d60 ? k100d ? its kinda cheap now i think
    shoot me pls

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    Default Re: Newbie need advice....

    Maybe u could get an experienced friend to go along with you to view the 2nd hand cams. That way he or she can also teach you what to look out for when buying 2nd hand stuff. I know some friends who got 2nd hand cams (actually more like hand me down from older siblings or parents) and they are using it as their main cams now.

    But you may wanna look around in the market now and save up for something new. Technology is always improving you know

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    Get to know some experienced photographers,
    not those who just start shooting ~1 year,
    who know nuts abt shutter speed, lag, metering, iso, wb, auto focusing mode, flash synch & etc..

    Also better that the experienced photographer frd is using the same brand of camera that u r buying..

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    Default Re: Newbie need advice....

    I am a newb as well, I set my budget at 2+ and in the end the hidden cost is about 500 more. The end of story tell us that if we want to get into photography, there is no turning back at low costing

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    Default Re: Newbie need advice....

    Hi, welcome to CS If your budget is close to a new entry level camera with kit lens, i suggest that you go get a new one than a used one, leaving you no worries.
    Take the shot!


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