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Thread: cheapest deal vs best deal

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    Default cheapest deal vs best deal

    if people ask for cheapest place to buy stuff, would you tell them where is cheapest or where can get the best deal instead which you know is the place you would go if in their shoes?

    i am guessing you may have been in such a situation so my question many actually went to cheapest place as opposed to people who went for the best deal instead?

    Did the people who found out later about the best deal offer being better kpkb?
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    Default Re: cheapest deal vs best deal

    does cheap and good fall under best deal? haha.

    go for best deal lah.

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    Default Re: cheapest deal vs best deal

    o.o best deal is the best value for money wad. duh of course go best deal.

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    Default Re: cheapest deal vs best deal

    I'll tell them the cheapest deal and most value-for-money deal, and let them choose.

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    Default Re: cheapest deal vs best deal

    i bought my lx3 from TK photo at the same price as AP (sim lim sq), i have no regrets even though AP got more freebies.
    due to a bad experience with AP (funan), i figured this time round might as well give TK a try.
    i would say their service is less ah bengness than AP.

    last time, i would go for the cheapest pricing but having get crap service from AP, nowadays i rather give other shops a chance.
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