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    Hi all, have some enquiries on the drybox which i just purchase hope to get some beneficial answers. Thanks
    • How do i set the humidity suitable for my nikon dslr ?
    • Must the battery and memory card be remove from body before storage in dry box ?
    • Can we store our cam external flash in it ?
    • Must the flash batteries be remove before storage ?
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    Asked many times, answered many times. There is the search function and it has its purpose.
    1) See your manuals (dry box and camera).
    2) Basically no, unless you intend to store for a long period.
    3) Yes.
    4) Not a must, but recommended so that you don't forget to charge them (if you use rechargeable ones). Disposable batteries should be removed also with regards to possible leakage (Alkaline).

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    Oh rite thanks mate !

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    I have set mine to around 45% to 50% RH. That should be the recomended one. My dial is set within the blue zone and at slightly before 1 o'clock.
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    As i have thought the same mine is also set at around 1pm dial thanks !


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