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Thread: Budget Videography services required

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    Default Budget Videography services required

    Hi all,
    My friend need a videographer for an event this sat (21 feb)

    Whole day from 9am.

    1.Tape down interesting part of the event(the..)
    2.Produce a clip in VCD after the end of the event.
    This is not targeted towards high level pros, what is needed is a record of the event, and produce decent watchable(not shaky n underexpose) video. Amateur with at least some experience are welcome to try.


    Those interested can pm me for more info, if need be, i can direct you to the person in charge.
    PS; I am not into videography and do not know the rates, if it below market rate or your rate, jus dun pm me, i dun decide the rates. I am onli helping out to source n i dun benefit from this.


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    Thread moved to Kopitiam.

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    Thanks for all the response.

    Contacts passed to friend.
    He will choose and contact the selected one.

    Thanks for all the time.

    Added: Do close the thread.


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