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Thread: What to buy for a Newbie

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    Birding photography is never cheap !

    If u r tight on budget, as u pointed out, 3rd party is ur best bet..

    The TC will cause significant light falloff as it will cause ur aperture to drop to the same multiplier of TC u use (eg, u shoot at F4 X 1.7 TC = ~F6.8)
    Its still ok if u shoot in sunny weather & light is enough but if in a gloomy weather then

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    Thanks for all the advice from all the Masters of this fantastic website.

    Decided to abandon initial plans to purchase Nikon D90.

    Will be getting Olympus E-30 with 12-60mm and 50-200mm SWD lenses instead.

    May not be the ideal option for birding but seems a good buy with two high-end lenses and also within budget of around S$4k.

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